You want to know the secret to catching the biggest bass of the day? The secret  lies neither in technique, nor in skill or experience although they are all undoubtedly important. No, the secret to a great catch for a hobbyist fisherman is simply getting hold of the best bass fishing guides in Florida. Someone who will not be busy showing you his tricks but rather in teaching you to hone your little skills up to the level where you can invent your own tricks. That is the secret of every good teacher actually. Florida bass fishing guides are known all through the coastal belt for their own fishing expertise.

However, the first and foremost job of a real good Florida bass fishing guide is to teach a newbie fishing enthusiast to find his own strengths and his area of comfort. There is no use in encouraging a guide to dream about big games if he does not have the strength level or the competence to deal with the mechanism. If you really want to learn the art and science of fishing, you should really not be looking at the biggest catches that you can get out of your vacation. Rather your focus should simply be on observing and learning the basic techniques through practice.

But, if your a seasoned angler, then the story would be quite different indeed. Bass season really starts in the fall when the female boss has started moving in just before giving birth in these waters. You can even do some trophy bass fishing if you so desire. Catching bass weighing 10 pounds or considerably more is very common in this season.