If you are in line to catch some of these big game fishes, you should that they generally migrate along the Emerald Coast and are thus available in the various fishing spots dotting the coastline during the warmest months of June till the month of August. These are often referred to as Silver Kings, and if you are itching to sink your kayak into one of these beauties, you will do well to be in time for tarpon fishing Florida Keys. The average size of these fishes ranges out at 75 lbs. But with the help of some of our experienced guides, it will not be uncommon for you to catch a Silver King over 150 lbs.

Florida Keys tarpon fishing is a popular sport here and some of the charter companies are so confident of people getting hold of a great catch of tarpon that they even guarantee a free trip to people in the unimaginable circumstance of a fisherman returning empty-handed. It does not matter if you are inexperienced in tarpon fishing. Our captains and guides have years and years of experience behind them and will take time out to patiently teach you the tricks of the trade.

Our boats also come well supplied with state of the art fishing equipment, so if you are only starting out in the hobby and are confused about the sheer range of equipment available, our advice would be to not buy them right now. Come out on a fishing trip with us, catch your first tarpon with our great equipment and settle on your choice of equipment and game here at Florida Keys it! We guarantee that you will never have a better or a more accomplishing vacation in your life. Book your Florida Keys charter boat today and make use of the best rates available.